Weíre glad youíve decided to join us on our trip!† The registration process is really quite straightforward when you keep in mind that the Yockatomac Trek is a mutually-supported, cooperative, non-profit trip.† That means youíll contribute to mutually shared costs for group expenses of the trip, arrange and pay for your own lodging at the establishments designated in the Itinerary, and pay for most of your own meals.† It also means that youíll be responsible for your own reservations, cancellations (if it comes to that), along with transportation to and from the beginning and ending points of the trip.


And one more thingÖ. we presume that everyone on the trip will be able to pretty much take care of themselves, that youíre all adults and wonít need a lot of hand-holding.† This is not a full-service, commercially operated trip!† High-maintenance riders might want to consider a guided ride.† Thatís not to say that we wonít be there, willing and able to help you all we possibly can when the unexpected comes up.† We want you to have fun and relax, but itís our vacation too!†


The Registration Fee


Your registration fee will cover mutually shared group expenses and some pre-paid individual costs.† Mutually shared expenses include the baggage support van and driver, his or her lodging and meals, administrative expenses of running the trip, shared supplies, limited snacks and drinks, and maybe even a few surprises.† Please bear in mind, however, that this is a cooperative trip, and it is possible, although unlikely, that other expenses could arise.† The shared costs estimate is based on sharing expenses equally among all participants proportional to the number of days each participant plans to ride.† The daily fee is conservatively established based on an estimated 20 riders.† Final costs may be equitably adjusted if there are significantly more or less than 20 people participating.




We recognize that changes in plans are sometimes unavoidable, and we do have a cancellation policy.† Itís a liberal oneÖ.if you sign up and later find you canít go for some reason, you get your money back.† Itís that simple.† Just let us know, soon as you can.† Itís a cooperative trip, remember?† Keep in mind, however, that cancellations regarding your lodging are between you and the lodging proprietor, so be sure you understand their policy.


There is a Rider Limit!


You also need to know that there is a practical logistical limit to the number of riders who can make the trip, due to limited availability of lodging on some nights.† There is not a hard and fast limit to the number of riders that we can accommodate.† Itís influenced by several factors, but realistically is in the range of 35 participants.† Just be advised that we may have to close registration when that limit is reached.



A Few More ThingsÖ.


Need a roommate?† We can facilitate that.† Contact the coordinator and indicate your preferences on the Registration Form.† Weíll match you up best we can.† However, there are no guarantees expressed or implied on the snoring situation!† Donít ask, donít tellÖ


Participants under the age of 18 are welcome on our trip, but you must be accompanied by a responsible adult.† Please provide that information on the registration form.


Please pack only what you need.† The support van does not have unlimited space.




As an incentive for you to get your reservation in early, we have a limited number of seats on the support van for the trip to DC at just $25 per seat.† The van is going there anyway, so this money goes into the general kitty.† First come, first served. †You will be contacted if you are among the lucky winners.† For those who arenít able to get on the van, weíve arranged for another outfitter to take your bike and gear to DC for $95 per person.† You are under no obligation to use their services and are free to make whatever arrangements best suit your needs.


Friday or Sunday Lodging


If you need lodging in Pittsburgh before or after the trip, your best bets are near the airport if youíre flying or in the Monroeville area if youíre not.† There is a Holiday Inn Express at 3122 Lebanon Church Road in West Mifflin (800-315-2621), which is about as close as you can get to the starting/ending point.† There are no hotels immediately adjacent to the trail.


Sign Up!!


To join the trip, you need to follow the steps below.† Registration forms are provided in both Microsoft Word and Acrobat Reader PDF formats.†


1.      Make your reservations by calling the designated lodging places shown in the Itinerary.† Since lodging is limited on some nights, you need to make sure you have a place to stay each night before going on the trip.† If itís late in the registration period, you might want to contact the coordinator prior to investing time in your calls to be certain there is still room on the trip.† Be sure to mention you are with the Yockatomac Trek when calling.†


2.      Fill out the Registration Fee Form in the Registration Forms.† If youíre going the entire trip, just check the appropriate blank for the full trip fee.† If youíre a partial trip rider, check the days that you will ride and add up the costs for those days.† ALL riders must indicate their confirmed lodging for each day by entering their confirmation number (or date you called the lodging place, for smaller B&Bs).† Include costs for any optional items you will need in the appropriate spaces, add all your entries, and enter the total at the bottom of the form. (Hey, this has to be easier than IRS Form 1040Ö!!)


3.      Fill out the Registration and Release Form in the Registration Forms.† Be sure to sign the release.


4.      Send both forms and a check (made out to me) for your registration fee no later than April 1, 2010 to:


Jim Rogers

125 Washington Road

Pittsburgh, PA 15221


I will confirm receipt of your registration package by email, and you can start anticipating having a great time on The Yockatomac Trek-Our Twelveth Great Passage. Additional information will be flowing to those registered, as we get closer to the trip.† Warning: The trip is likely to fill up long before the deadline.


Follow the Leader?


Lastly, before you register, you should recognize that the Yockatomac Trek does not have a leader.† The trip has a volunteer (more accurately, drafted) coordinator, who sets up the itinerary, arranges logistics, manages the shared expenses, and handles registration and collection of fees.† There is no leader, guide, or similar person with direct responsibility, authority, or obligation for any participantís safety, security, or well-being.† We expect all participants to be independent, self-sufficient, and willing to support other participants (or be accompanied by someone who will assume this responsibility).† That is the essence of our mutually-supported, cooperative trip!


Questions, Comments, Concerns, Complaints, GripesÖ


I address the first three; the latter two should be directed to the trip leaderÖ† But seriously, contact me for anything you need additional information on or if I can help you in any way.† Iím here to help you get set for a great time!


Jim Rogers

Yockatomac Trek 2010 Coordinator