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Skip the pictures, go straight to ordering information

Ordering deadline is [date TBD]


Every year we have polo shirts made with the trip logo embroidered on the left front. When we dress up for dinner on the trip, this is what we wear. These are high quality polo shirts -- with collars and buttons, not T-shirts. This year the shirts will be dark green with the golden spike logo, and the expected cost will be $[price TBD].


In addition, we'll offer of semi-custom bike riding jersey. These are the same kinds of jerseys you see in the bike shops, with breathable wicking fabric, a hidden zipper, and three pockets in the back. Ours will be a "semi-custom" design, with our logos printed using the dye sublimation process, which produces a high-quality, permanent image. The cost of each jersey will be $[price TBD].

This pricing is available exclusively to participants in the Yockatomac Trek who order by [date TBD]. Re-orders will be available after that date, but probably at higher prices.

Here is the design for the 2007 jersey: The shirt color in this proof image is not accurate -- the yellow sleeves and sides on the shirts should be a much brighter yellow.


Details of back still under revision!!

The 2004 jersey in action:


Ordering Information

Both the polo shirts and the jerseys are custom-made to our order.  They are manufactured specifically for us.  We can't afford to order extras "just in case".  Once we place the orders, we can't cancel or return the shirts. Therefore the only way we can get these made is if you order and pay in advance (cooperative trip, remember?). 

Be very careful about your choice of sizes.

Polo shirts are fairly standard sizes. We will again be using Port Authority "Silk Touch" polos, which come in men's sizes S to XXL and ladies sizes S to XXL. It looks like we can get youth sizes S-XL, but they'll probably be forest green Jerzees rather than Port Authority.

For jersey sizes, Voler's sizing chart is at . Note that the jerseys come in both men's (it's their "club" fit) and women's sizes. Sorry, Voler doesn't have youth sizes for the semicustom jerseys.  If you are unsure of your exact size you can order blank jerseys from Voler and return them for full credit. (you must pay one way shipping, and tell them what you're doing). You may also be able to find someone from a previous year's ride who has one you can try on.

The important details

Cost:  Polo shirts are  $[price TBD], riding jerseys are $[price TBD]. This only covers what we pay the vendors (including shipping from the vendor to the Coordinator of the Classic Trek or to us, but not re-mailing for individual orders).

Deadlines: Your order and check must be in our hands by [date TBD].  Well, we need the email by [date TBD]; it's ok if the check arrives in the mail the next day.

How to order: Send this form and a check to the address shown, not to the address for registrations.

For more information, email yockshirt [at]

The Yockatomac Trek 2009
Yockatomacshirt Order Form

Your Name:
Your Address:

Your Phone:
Your email address:

Amount enclosed:
  __ polos at $[price TBD] =  $_____
  __ jerseys at $[price TBD] = $_____
  shipping, if required $_____
            TOTAL                    $______

How many polo shirts at $[price TBD] each, and what sizes?

How many biking jerseys at $[price TBD] each, and what sizes?

(remember to indicate men's, women's, or youth sizes)


Mail form and check to [address TBD] Please also email [email TBD] with the information so we know how many orders are coming in

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