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Setting Up Your Own Trip

Need more information about planning your own Passage??

This year the trail open from McKeesport (15 miles southeast of downtown Pittsburgh) all the way to downtown Washington DC, so this is also a good year to plan your own ride. This site will help you to learn about some of the logistics decisions, find out about some other peoples' trips so you can find space on a trip, or avoid busy weeks when you plan your own.  So plan your trip, let us know via our information form, so we can add it to the calendar of planned trips.

A great source of information on trips along these trails is the booklet Linking Up, by Mary Shaw and Roy Weil. We highly recommend that anyone who is considering this trip should get a copy from a local bookstore, bike shop, or the ATA bookstore.

If you want to lay out your own itinerary, check out the mileage table from Linking Up or the mile by mile strip map. Also check the list of other trips and the Planned Passages Calendar.

Want to stay indoors??

If you are thinking about staying in Bed & Breakfasts, see itineraries for previous Yockatomac Treks by clicking on one of the logos below.











 Want to stay in a tent??

If you are thinking about a camping trip see the plan for the 2006 CampTrek or  Mary and Roy's trip report from1997.

Want help with planning?? Want to hire support for the trip??



If you're just looking help with logistics, see the Outfitters and Shuttle Services page of Linking Up for lots of other ideas.

If you have a GPS, several people are collecting GPS waypoints along the route.  Here are some of those:


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