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You've completed your trek along the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal Towpath! 
The Allegheny Trail Alliance would like to offer you a certificate to commemorate your trip.
Sample small size color certificate If you biked or walked all the way from Pittsburgh PA to Washington DC -- or the reverse -- ATA would like to offer you a full-color certificate.  Alternatively, you can select the trailheads you used for any trip along this route and get a black and white certificate. Sample small size black and white certificate
Would you like to help develop and maintain the trails so other can share your experience? Please consider a contribution to the trail system.
To generate a certificate enter the following information:
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Starting Trailhead :  
Ending Trailhead :  
    At present (3/2009) this is a beta site which will eventually be incorporated in the site on the trip registration form.  For now please also go to the Though Trip Registration form so that we can continue to gather data about through trips.
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